This is what a graduation event photographer does
Graduation photography packages

We go to great lengths to ensure that the graduation images that we produce are exactly what each graduate student is looking for, so we discuss with the institute beforehand about what their graduate students will be looking for. We can photograph the graduate students in a natural setting around campus or we can have a number of photography studios set up with attractive backdrops or even photograph on a chromakey green-screen and give the graduate students a number of options.

Graduation images and quotes

We have a large number of graduation event photographers on hand to ensure your graduation portraits are a huge success. We offer a range of graduation photography packages to suit every pocket. Avoid a tempest of panic on the day and book with a company that you can rely on.

Graduation images

We can also help you provide images for your institution Facebook, as Facebook is now a huge part of graduands graduation day and they love to tag themselves into photos of their special day on Facebook. We can provide roaming photographers capturing those special candid moments too.

Cambridge graduation photos

Some graduate students and their family may prefer a private graduation photoshoot instead of the endure the tempest of queues that can happen with other companies. We have studios all over the country providing professional graduation photoshoots and we have a range of graduation photography packages to accommodate all budgets.

Graduation photographer prices

Get in touch to talk about graduation photographer prices. We aim to give the student graduates a great customer experience without them feeling that they are overpaying for their graduation portraits. We feel that Cambridge University graduates should have a great day and some fantastic graduation portraits from their special day. We also supply graduation photos to the whole of the UK with the same friendly and efficient service.

What happens at graduation

We can help with your Cambridge graduation, but we also prove graduation photos all over the UK including Birmingham, London, Leeds, Manchester etc. If someone is looking for graduation images UK, we are the number one team to have on board to make sure the graduates day is a complete success.

Graduation Portraits

One of our priorities is that the graduation images that we produce are of the highest quality in terms of camera equipment used, lighting used, background used and print quality, but we also pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and contributing to the graduates’ day and experience. Graduation images stay with student graduates for their entire lives and we appreciate that. We make sure that the student graduates and their family are relaxed and enjoy their graduation photoshoot fully. This method ensures fantastic expressions in their graduation portraits and make for graduation images that they will cherish for a lifetime.

Cambridge graduation photos

Your forthcoming Cambridge University graduation ceremony will be a great success with us helping you with your graduation portraits. A Cambridge university graduation ceremony is a great one for us, as it’s local, but we also provide UK graduation photos.

School graduation pictures

You may be wondering what graduation photos cost and that is something we assure we keep to a competitive minimum. We reduce graduation photos costs by having a large number of highly trained freelance photographers to hand, therefor minimising staffing and premises costs. Rest assured that all of our graduation portrait photographers are fully trained and experienced and all produce consistent, high quality graduation images.

We also offer high school graduation pictures and we can also help with associated proms. We know that high school graduation images are very important to students and we take great pride in providing the best graduation images and quotes. We enjoy being a part of students celebrating their success and we understand that graduation photo costs need to be friendly to the graduate students.